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TENS Skin Wipes designed to clean the skin and protect it from the effects of adhesives contained in skin electrodes used in electrotherapy, whilst also improving conductivity and extending the life and usability of the skin electrodes.TENS Wipes are recommended to protect sensitive skin and prepare it for electrotherapy, such as TENS or Electric Muscular Stimulation (EMS) as well as before applying adhesive dressings, such as plasters or surgical tapes.

Our TENS are supplied in packs of 60 individually wrapped disposable single use wipes.

When used before applying skin electrodes, the Our TEN Wipes clean the skin, disinfect it and leave a protective coating on the skin surface. This protective coating shields the skin from adhesives. When applied before skin electrodes, the Skin Wipes even the skin surface and increase conductivity of the electrodes as well as protect the skin from the effects of the adhesives contained in the adhesive gel on the electrodes.

You should not apply the TENS Wipes to broken or lacerated skin. You should wash & dry the skin thoroughly prior to applying the Wipe. Simply wipe the area with towelette and allow to dry and discard the wipe after single use.

Our Skin Wipes summary of benefits:

  • Disinfect & clean
  •  Leave protective residue coating that shields the skin from the effects of adhesives
  • Even the skin surface and improve conductivity
  • Prevent body oils from being absorbed into the electrodes
  • Extend life and usability of skin electrodes by reducing soiling of the conductive surface of the electrodes with body oils 
  • Individually wrapped for convenience
  • Single use disposable skin wipes


Product specifications:

  • Alcohol prep pads ( TENS Wipes) are saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol
  • Wipe size : 3cm X 6cm
  • 100 pcs per retail rectangular box 
  • 60 rectangular box per outer case 
  • Material: Alcohol pad (TENS wipes ) is 30% viscose + 70% polyester.






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