Healthcare Product

We are a leading provider of healthcare and ergonomic products serving major segments of the healthcare market. With most comprehensive range of trusted products, we provide wide access to the best value and selection.

Pain Management, Our Featured Catagories 



   Hot and Cold Packs    Ice Packs ( Hot or Cold)     Hot Pack Terry Covers   Conductive Garment   
   Moist Heat Packs     Cervical Collars and Tractions   Orthopedic Braces/Supports    Gloves, Compression  


 Clinic Products, Our Specialty





  Stools, Clinical   Massage Tables and Chairs   Massage Table Accessories    Electrical Heating Pads  


Cleaning and Comfort, Innovative Solutions



  Pillows, Cushions    Cleansing Wipes    Paraffin Wax Warmers   Facial Cleaners  


 DME and Evaluation



  Durable Medical Equipment   Pulse Oximeters   Goniometers   Measuring Tapes   


To continue product development, improve product quality, and reduce cost.

To collaborate with more foreign brands of medical devices and homecare products.

Novetec is committed to offer high quality trusted healthcare products to fulfill customers' requirements. 

Novetec is committed to offer high quality healthcare products to fulfill customers' requirements


Our major manufacturing team lines up with production, engineering, quality and logistics, particularly focused on team spirit to enable implement a lean and an effective plant operation throughout.

Our selection of solutions is continually updated. Commitment to you is a goal of full customer satisfaction, making it easier for you to get the products you need. 

We fully appreciate the critical nature of communications, especially when working with customers around the world. We are therefore very closely involved to bridge possible communicational gap and to ensure all pertinent project status, progress, can effectively communicate with customers.



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