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Why should you outsource?



 Outsourcing your products for higher profitability, efficiency and value.

  • you want to reduce operating expenses

  • you want to keep your staff levels to a minimum

  • an external service provider may do the work more cost efficiently than you can handle

  • you do not have expertise in this area

  • you want to keep this function confidential internally

  • you operate in a shift work situation

  • you have uneven workloads throughout the year and want a variable cost structure

  • you are expanding rapidly but the growth may not be permanent

  • you want to free up your management time and concentrate on your core competitiveness


You should talk to NGL for a planned subcontraction and outsourcing!

  • save time by letting someone else take care of your sourcing functions

  • focus on more valuable aspects of your business and leaving others areas to concentrate on

  • save money by eliminating the need to recruit staff

  • minimize risk by transferring them to others

  • increase efficiency and raise service levels, then enhance profitability



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