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Novetec is experienced in project management and is ready to help manage your offshore sourcing activities.  

Sino-American Novetec Group, found in 2007, is a specialist manufacturing, procurement, sourcing and distribution company with extensive experiences in managing export projects. 

Over more than fifteen years of operations, we vertically integrate the entire supply chain and drive meaningful cost savings all the way with added transparency. Our focus is on helping you build your business, by consulting with you to determine the best way to meet your needs and meeting them with high quality, cost effective products. We are committed to provide every service to your satisfaction.


Novetec continues to establish a long lasting business relationship with our esteemed OEM customers. Our staff handle every aspect in manufacturing, sourcing, engineering, quality and logistics as well. We work around the clock, whenever you need us, we are there. 

What's important is that NGL Group delivers far more than a traditional manufacturer, a trading or a sourcing company that can offer. NGL represents customers to tackle issues and concerns, to remove barriers on a East-West trade that often deters outsourcing or sub-contraction of products in Asia. Simply says that we manufacture and source for you, rather than sell to you!



While many companies purely focus on cost savings, NGL Group believes quality, reliability and dedicated services are equally important. These core values are what we have helped sustain and position ourselves as one of the leading groups for export.  



In this computerized age, capturing and sharing data-driven insights across the entire value chain will help us better predict and interact with our customers effectively and more creatively. In principle, it is not difficult to find sources for your products, but finding a right source or a right manufacturer that you can rely on is not a simple process. A product that fails to meet your quality standards or product requirements would bring you tons of troubles. NGL is experienced in managing your products to enable what you receive are what you expect.  

Starting with product developing and including everything from compliance to raw material as well as manufacturing control, logistics, reporting, and more, we offer end-to-end services, assure that any project developed will be sustainable which is also most efficient as to our service provided to smoothly complete the entire ordering process. Not only is the process on sample approval, first production..., but is also committed to a long term continuous project management that constantly fulfills job satisfaction.




  • Engineering team experience in mechanical, electrical, fabric, plastic, paper materials, are intimately involved with the entire project management, strictly handle and resolve engineering issues, concerns; provide solid suggestions to customers that enable perfectly launching of the product. Also, ongoing support is continually provided in all phases of production.
  • We conduct quality assurance program where production samples at each stage are carefully examined to assure the entire conformance in specifications. Prior to each shipment, quality inspection is conducted by NGL personnel to comply with the agreed A.Q.L. sampling inspection standard.  
  • Our Shipping coordinates scheduling in accordance with shipping details, collect inspection reports, Bills of Lading instructions together with other pertinent documents to strictly report to customers. 
  • Communication and Reporting are particularly important in all aspects - We entirely follow up any  critical nature of communications at any point, work around the clock to provide dedicated services to customers.  



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