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QC Preshipment Inspection


What is Quality?

  • Conformance to requirements

  • Free of deficiencies

Why Quality is Important? 

A company's image, long term reputation and marketing success depends on offerig good quality products to your customers.  

Pre-Shipment Inspection  -

Pre Shipment Inspection (PSI) or called Final Random Inspection (FRI) will take place when at least 85% of products have been completed that are ready for inspection. In most cases, this will be conducted in-house at plant where the products are manufactured. Special cases will be conducted at forwarder's premises or at pier.

Quality Procedure -

General Guidelines for QC Preshipment Inspection:

  1. Objective

To specify and establish guidelines for QC inspectors to perform preshipment inspection and report

  1. Procedure  

            2.1)  Before Inspection 

            QC inspector responsible for the project should make sure that he/she has the following

            information with him  -

                    a)   Product specification, inspection checklist 

                    b)   Signed samples

                    c)  Shipment information

                   In addition, QC inspector should check to ensure that the following tests should have been qualified:

                    a)  Functional test and life test

                    b) Transit test

           2.2)  Carton Packaging Inspection 

                    Inspection is performed only upon 100 % completion of a shipment lot.

          2.3)  After Inspection

                   a)   Report should be distributed. 

                   b)  Verbal results should be reported. 

                   c)  Typical critical/major defective samples should be kept, for review. 



Pre-shipment inspection aims at ensureing products meet quality standards, technical specifications and contractual requirements.

This can offer you independent and professional verification on quality, quantity, marking, labeling, packaging and loading of shipments, you will be comfortable on overall product qualiy prior to delivering of products. 



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