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We have a range of sports knee braces suitable for football running, martial arts, basketball, etc. Sports knee braces are suitable for all knee ligament injuries and meniscus tears. Those lightweight knee braces ensure support and reassurance by providing external stability for the knee joint.



Sports injuries are one of the key drivers for the foot & ankle braces & supports segment of the market. According to recent studies, several sports research academies have observed an increasing number of serious bone injuries among professional as well as amateur sportspersons. The incidence rate of ligament tears and fractures is high and foot & ankle injuries in sports constitute over 20% of the total sports injuries. Furthermore, co-morbid conditions, such as diabetes, obesity, and other vascular diseases lead to bone porosity, which poses high risk of bone fractures.



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Bamboo Palm Support-BM002
Bamboo Elbow Support-BM003
Magnetic Elbow Support-MG002
Magnetic Elbow Support-EB018
Neoprene Ankle Support- AK007
Bamboo Ankle Support-BM006
Neoprene Ankle Support-AK011
Foam Ankle Brace- AK023
Plantar Fascia Support-FT002
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