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Over the years, many new techniques of using dumbbells have been developed, and presently, they can be used to train almost every part of the body. Some of the more common dumbbell exercises include decline seated bicep curls, hammer curls, overhead triceps extensions, triceps kickbacks, flat and incline chest presses, and others.




Dumbbell Workout

There are a number of dumbbell exercise rules that you can follow to minimize the risk of injuries and gain better results. Before you begin your dumbbell training, do some warming up to prepare your muscles for the workout. Make sure that you choose the right dumbbells, because you may over-strain your muscles if the weights are too heavy. If you feel pain when doing an exercise, reduce the weights or repetitions. If the pain continues, you have to stop exercising and take a rest. When you start a new exercise, it is best that you try the lighter weights first





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Viny Dipped Dumbbell., Pink
Vinyl Dipped Dumbbell, Purple
Vinyl Dipped Dumbbell
Dumbbell Packing
10 Kg Dipping Dumbbell set
Plastic Coated - 1
Plastic Coated - 2
Plastic Coated - 3
Plastic Coated - 4
Plastic Coated - 5
Plastic Coated - 6
Plastic Coated - 7
Rubber Covered -1
Rubber Covered - 2
Rubber Covered - 3
Rubber Covered - 4
Rubber Covered - 5
Rubber Covered - 6
Rubber- Covered - 7
Painted- 1
Painted - 2
Painted - 3
Painted - 4
Chrome Plated - 1
Chrome plated - 2
Chrome Plated - 3
Chrome Plated - 4
Chrome Plated - 5
Chrome Plated - 6
Chrome Plated - 7
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