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Shoulder pulleys, resistance bands and cords are excellent products for use in the rehabilitation of sports injury. An array of home exercises using pulleys, resistance bands and cords can be prescribed by the chartered physiotherapist to speed up the recovery from a sports injury.

Advantage of Shoulder Pulleys

Improves shoulder health

Aids in recovery from surgery and injury by stretching and strengthening the shoulder.

Enhanced range of motion

Increases range of motion for those with arthritis, tendonitis, frozen shoulder syndrome, rotator cuff injury and bursitis.

Smooth durable pulley

Housed in a durable metal alloy casing with a nonmarking, foam exterior, the nylon pulley wheel moves freely and smoothly throughout the workout.

Easy to install

Non-slip door anchor bracket easily installs over most doors for a secure fit throughout the workout.


The advantages of resistance bands over free weights and pulley systems include the fact that resistance bands are lightweight and portable, which means they can be used anywhere. Resistance bands can also be used in functional, sports specific patterns which means that patients can strengthen using sports related movement patterns.


  Front Squat      

Stand on band with feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Holding a handle in each hand, bring the top of the band over each shoulder. (If it's too long, secure band in place by crossing your arms at your chest.) Sit straight down, chest up, abs firm, pressing knees out over your toes. Rise back up to start position and repeat for 8 to 12 reps.


Lateral Band Walk


Don't  sidestep these side steps! Step into a loop band or tie a therapy band around the lower legs, just above both ankles. Place feet shoulder-width apart to create tension on the band. From a half-squat position, shift your weight to the left side, stepping sideways with the right leg. Move the standing leg slightly in, but keep the band taut. Take 8 to 10 steps before heading back the other way.


Standing Biceps Curl


Stand with feet shoulder-width apart with your feet placed over the middle of the band. Grab a handle in each hand, starting with your arms down at your sides. With palms facing in front of you, pull your arms toward your shoulders by bending at the elbow until you get a good bicep contraction. Slowly lower back down and go for a total of 12 to15 curls.

  Shoulder Pulleys       

These pulleys hang over the door and are used to provide gentle, passive ROM to your shoulder. Shoulder pulleys are key sporting tools used in many physical therapy clinics.

Low-cost, simple-to-use device. Increases and maintains range of motion in all planes of shoulder motion. Allows patients to increase the gains made in the clinic, and speed up the recovery process.

These are non-Electric, Human Powered. 






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5 IN 1 DESIGN  – Ab Wheel, Push Up Bar, Rally, Door Rally , Pedal Rally
NBR/PVC material Density : 150-200kg/m3. Durometer 15-22 MINUS 40C TO 180C OPERATING TEMPERATURE
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