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Our collection of bars and plates includes the individual barbells and plates you need to meet the needs of an individual or to keep the powerlifters equipped in your fitness club.

Our selection includes standard plates, regular and Olympic plates, bumper plates and more. You can also choose an Olympic weight set such as the Olympic curl bar, pro Olympic tricep bar, and a variety of other bars and plates to create a custom barbell set for your needs. 







How Important is the Quality of Barbells and Plates?

There are a number of components that are each important to the success of powerlifters.

Proper nutrition, maintaining flexibility, and the methods you follow during your training all play an important role in the outcome of your training and the growth of your capabilities.

Learning and following the right strategies as you advance is largely dependent on having the right equipment. Not only are the choices you make in barbells and plates important in achieving a successful training period; they are also vital to maintaining the proper techniques to keep you strong and healthy. 



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