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Conductive Garment 


Our conductive garments provide electrotherapy where you need it. They can be a great alternative for patients who have skin reactions to conventional pre-gelled electrodes, who have difficulty keeping conventional electrodes covering the treatment area, or who need much larger stimulation coverage throughout the entire garment area. These form-fitting garments can be used with all types and brands of electrotherapy devices, including TENS, Muscle Stims, etc.



Conductive garments allow you to apply electrotherapy comfortably to a particular area with great accuracy.  They are designed for use with many electromedical modalities at clinics or at home. 

Our conductive garments are made of a premium conductive-silver, stretch-mesh fabric that provides even electrical current distribution.
Designed to be used with a variety of electro-medical modalities. Use to provide treatment of the hand, ankle, elbow or knee. Easy to use in clinic or at home with health care guidance and instruction. Each garment has a special connector which plugs into the lead wire from the stimulator unit (not included).



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