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Electrical Massage Table Warming Pads

Would you like to provide the most luxurious and comfortable massage experiences to your clients? Our soft fleecy massage table warmers provide relaxing and warmth for your clients as they relax under your capable hands. Not only is it relaxing, but the heat that massage table warmers provide can relax your clients’ muscles which may be tight from the everyday business or physical injury.

Our electric warming pad for massage tables heats up very quickly and evenly, leaving no cold patches anywhere, a handy benefit of being able to set the timer for 8 hours.

The benefits of incorporating fleecy massage table warmer means you don’t need to have many layers of padding to provide a soft padding of your client. This heating pad can also doable as an electric blanket for your bed, providing both the fleecy comfort with the fleecy padding and the choice of temperature with 5 setting available as well.  


Ideal For:

  • Hot or Warm Massage Techniques

  • Practitioners Who Practice in Cold Environments

  • Clients Who Are Sensitive to the Cold


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