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When should we use heat therapy?

Heat or Moist Heat Therapy should be used for chronic conditions such as muscle discomfort or stiffness. For example, for some people, nothing soothes their back pain like a hot pack...


What is the difference between moist and dry heat?

Moist and dry heat are the most common superficial heat therapy treatments. However, moist heat is more effective than dry heat in providing deeper penetration of the tissue at the same temperatures... 


How do dry and moist heat compare?

Comparison indicates that moist heat has many advantages over dry heat... 


Our unique Moist Heat Packs 

Our moist heat packs are a simple and effective method of applying moist heat and also cost-efficient way to add a heat modality to your clinic or center. Patients and clients alike enjoy the benefits of reduced pain and increased range of motion. Not only can hot packs be used to increase comfort after a difficult fitness training or rehabilitation session, scientific research has found multiple therapeutic benefits that aid in recovery for diverse injuries and chronic conditions. The packs contain filling that evenly distributes, provide up to 30 minutes of deep-felt, soothing, moist heat to soothe discomfort from stiff neck, backache, arthritis, sprains and bruises. The treatment will progress much faster with this great way to deliver moist heat to neck or upper shoulder area or other position. Incorporating with heavy duty nylon threading keeps the packs durable; 100 percent cotton makes them comfortable and durable as well. 



Just immerse packs into Hydrocollator Heating unit to heat, then remove, wrap in its terry cover and extra toweling, and apply to treatment area. The pack can also be heated in water on a stove, in a microwave or in a heating unit. When treatment is complete, the pack can be stored for future use which is reusable. Always apply moist heat pack with a terry cover or a heavy towel completely wrapped around the pack to protect users from the very hot moist heat pack after microwaving or in a heating unit. See more terry covers details..

Moist heat pack is heated from hydrocollator unit 


 Benefits of Moist Heat Pack

  1. A hydrocollator pack is easy to apply.
  2. The packs are of various sizes which fit most clinical needs. 



Standard  Neck Contour  Half Size  Spine Small  Spine Large  Knee/Shoulder  Oversize 
NGL-01-1-011 NGL-01-1-012 NGL-01-1-013 NGL-01-1-014 NGL-01-1-015 NGL-01-1-016 NGL-01-1-017


Moist Heat Pack sizes 
Standard 10"X12" Spine Small 10"X18"
Cervical 7"X24" Spine Large 10"X24"
Halfsize 5X12" Knee/Shoulder 10"X20"
Oversize 15X24"    



  Moist Heat Pack, Hydrated    Moist Heat Pack, Empty ( No filling)  



                                                                        Video For Application of Hydrocollator Moist Heat Packs






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Half Size, Moist Heat Pack
Halfsize - size 5 inch X 12 inch
Standard Moist Heat Pack
Standard - size 10 inchX12inch
Cervical Moist Heat Pack
Cervical  - size 24 inch long
Spine Large, Moist Heat Pack
Spine Large  -  size 10 inch X 24 inch
Spine Small, Moist Heat Pack
Spine Small - Size 10 inch X 18 inch
Knee/Shoulder, Moist Heat Pack
Knee/Shoulder - size 10 inch X 20 inch
Oversize Moist Heat Pack
Oversize - size 15 inch X 24 inch
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