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Alcohol Preppads 


The most common use for alcohol prep pads in medicine is to clean an area of skin before giving an injection. These pads are individually packaged to be sterile so that doctors and nurses can handle each one without contaminating any of the others.

Wipes are made from good absorbent spun lace nonwoven or wet strength paper; absorb disinfection solution of certain concentration which can suit for different applications.

Our Wipes contain 70% isopropyl alcohol and act as a rapid disinfectant for medical devices, surfaces and equipment with proven bactericidal action.
The medical grade alcohol evaporates quickly leaving no residue making it perfect for surfaces such as glass, metal or monitor screens.
Available in a wide range of sizes.

  • The soft, absorbent, non-woven pads are saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol
  • Sterile in unopened, undamaged package
  • Discard after single use
  • Individually wrapped foil packets.


Direction: Tear open pouch, take out pad and wipe the intended area.



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Alcohol Prep Pad
Alcohol Prep Pad
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