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Pillows, Cushions and Bolsters


  • All our pillows and cushions are incorporated with unique innovative and fashionable design that strive for satisfying the need for aesthetics, health and comfort. 

  • Our memory foam pillows are specially contoured to comfortably support your head and neck. It distributes body weight across surface area, taking pressure away from sensitive joints around the neck and shoulder.

  • It helps keeping your neck and head in alignment with spine, allow you to rest in a natural reduced pressure position, meaning less tossing and turning when you sleep, that maintain you at a fully comfortable stage to let you fell asleep sweetly.  

  • Pillows have unique particle surface that massage your acupuncture points of head when you asleep. Massaging with the particles can accelerate blood circulation and in turn effectively help release harmful materials as well.


  Memory Foam Pillow   Memory Foam Face Cushion   Memory Foam Pillow  





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Cushion For Baby 46X27X3cm
Seat Cushion 40x30x9.5CM)
Foot Pillow
Leg Pillow
Contour Pillow
U Shape Pillow 31X27X9cm
Face Cushion, Imitation Leather
Bolster, Round, Firm Foam
Bolster, Round,  Firm Foam
Cushion, Seat and Vinyl Bolster
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