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Massage Table Accessories

We support series of table accessories to conveniently and affordably arm facilities with everything that need to treat almost a full spectrum of patients. Our products include bolsters and headrests, table carriers and equipment carrying cases, adjustable clinical stools, and more.

Upgrade your table with our incredible selection of table accessories. Whether you need to add extra length, width or height, replace missing parts, or others. 



              Arm Sling        Paper Roll Holder High Density Bolster Face Cushion                   


  Massage Table and Accessories Massage Table Cover or Other Accessories Available   



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Table Accessories
Trianglar Bolster
Half Round Bolster
Round Bolster
Spire Bolster
Neck Bolster
Bolster, Round, Full, firm Foam
Face Cushion
Cresent Headrest
Bolster, Table Width Extender
Massage Table Extender
Aluminum Face Cradle, Adjustable
Aluminum Paper Roll Holder
Portable Shelf for Table
Massage Table Carrying Case
Adjustable Face Cushion, Plastic
Massage Table Cover, PU or PVC
Arm Sling
Head Rest for Massage Chair
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