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Novetec's philosophy has remained unchanged throughout. We give "Total Quality" to all our business partners. We uphold value in our products because we value our customers, and consistently exceed high expectations with remarkable quality!

By implementing customers' suggestions and development requests, Novetec brings products to market that meet highly specialized requirements. During the process, we have accumulated valuable process expertise and intellectual property for future solutions.

Our specialized team utilizes their expertise and skills to develop quality products for customers of either OEM or ODM projects. The enthusiasm and dynamism of the experienced and technically qualified staff, coupled with consistency in quality and a prompt service enable us to earn reputation of being reliable in the industry. 

Communication and understanding with our customers is the core to enable a mutual success! We expect to hear from you on what Novetec can provide and accomplish.   



We manufacture high quality semi-finished and finished paper products and are incorporated with some simple poly filing proucts. And continue offering competitive pricing, good product quality; continue deliver dedicated service, on-time delivery, is our long-term goal.     

Our plant ProLead Stationery based in Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong Province is a professional and dedicated paper stationary products manufacturer. We are also one of the pioneer manufacturers in China for high end stationery products.

ProLead's unique plant and operational management with experienced skilled workers lead us to a successful milestone, we are committed to continue delivering full satisfaction to customers. 

We are equipped with advanced equipment, precision machinery together with stringent plant quality control to meet the international standards. These enable us to well manage the entire manufacturing process throughout.




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In addition to producing high quality paper products, we are also a FOREST STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL A.C. (FSC) accredited manufacturer handling high end pure, mixed and recycled paper products for notebooks, diaries, case bound, perfect bound books, letter pads, accounting books, portfolio, file covers,  paper refills, and more.





Both OEM and ODM projects are welcome!



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