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To drive a more success of operations, the use of modern highly effective logistics management aiming at entirely managing stream processes is required. Logistics is a kind of philosophy of a successful business and at the same time the art of meeting the needs and desires of both shippers and consignees.

Logistics coordinates all the structures of cargo movements and informational flows and is of great importance for our customers that interface with our operations.

Our goal of logistics is the most rational promotion of goods and services to consignees. It is aimed at optimizing costs, streamlining transportation processes, and related services, plus effective informational flows.


Simply put, day in, day out we are constantly looking for better ways to serve you to support your logistics need.


Shipping overseas or cross-border isn’t challenging by properly working with a freight forwarding partner. With the choices of ocean, air, courier or land transportation options, NGL offers or suggests appropriate transportation management solutions.  

Our operating philosophy is to provide superior customer service, agility, and proper solutions. We are here to provide you with support at every turn of your freight forwarding to enhance visibility and tracking throughout the entire transportation process.

We co-ordinate with your appointed logistics providers or utilize our partnered forwarder to accomplish your logistics needs and in the meantime build competitive advantages for you as well. Our goal is to improve communication and to reduce expense through the entire supply chain.



Working in partnership with you, we develop the most appropriate service:


  • Effective consolidation to reduce your costs
  • Customs brokerage – Provide advice and supports to help move your products cross-border with no delays
  • Transportation – well co-ordinate with your forwarder to select the right service level and to tailor a solution with the most appropriate modes for transportation  
  • Freight insurance – to ensure you have the right cover for each shipment, if need.


A Common Logistics Flow Charts



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